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Introduction fee reinvented.

Monetize your network.

Go from being a gatekeeper to being a Connector.

Most of your contacts could benefit someone. Introductions can be powerful, but they can also be complex, delicate, and time-consuming.

mynameis simplifies
the process

Use your connections to offer meaningful introductions that could lead to valuable interactions for all parties

1. Do you have what it takes?

In order to be considered a Connector on mynameis, you need a minimum of five Personas with whom you are willing and able to connect our callers so they can present their pitch.

A Persona is anyone worth connecting with.
Hard-to-reach prospects, lawyers, doctors, artists, businesspeople, photographers, bloggers and influencers, C-levels, news editors… If their time is valuable, mynameis is the right place for them, and for you.

2. Prove yourself

Prove what makes you a trusted Connector and your link to each Persona, so we can verify your profile. Connector identities are protected and real names are not used/names are encrypted.

No personal information shared.

3. Set your introduction fee

How much is one minute of your Persona’s time worth? Prices are set per minute. Connectors can set a minimum and maximum amount of available minutes per call.

4. Turn on your notifications

Receive mynameis requests.

Select your Caller based on their motivation and their potential.

Set a time and confirm the call.

5. Inform your Persona

Send the call link to your Persona. No need for them to get on the app. At the confirmed date and time, clicking the link from any device will send them to our call platform.

6. Are you a Giver or a Taker?

We won’t judge. Time is Money. We are looking to create a new economy. Attention is our currency.

Connect for
the good!

I’d never monetized my network before. I knew that introduction fees were a thing, but I had no idea how to make them happen.

photo by @gleesonpaulino

Everyone always said that my network was worth a fortune, but it’s really hard to monetize that sort of thing! Now, I just filter the requests and choose those that make the most sense. No contract, easy, fast.

photo by @gleesonpaulino

I’m incognito. It’s great, I feel like Batman.

photo by @gleesonpaulino

My contacts are the result of years of trust and hard work. I wanna help, but do you think I’m gonna risk giving away phone numbers? Now I can connect without sharing personal data.

photo by @gleesonpaulino


Ready to become a Connector?

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